Council partners with Toyota on future mobility solutions for city

Derby City Council has signed a partnership agreement with Toyota Manufacturing UK that will allow the city to explore, develop and deliver mobility solutions for the future.

The strategic partnership, named T-DREAM (Toyota-Derby Revolution in Energy and Access to Mobility), will see the two organisations work together to develop innovative mobility solutions and take progressive action to tackle climate change.

Both organisations have committed to jointly explore these high-level issues, and find where shared skills, knowledge and expertise can improve the quality of life in Derby and the surrounding area.

Councillor Chris Poulter, leader of the city council, said: “This partnership means we can build opportunities for our communities and the economy of the future. Together we can explore these high-level issues and find where our shared skills, knowledge and expertise can improve quality of life in Derby.”

Richard Kenworthy, managing director of TMUK, said: “The signing of the collaboration agreement allows Toyota the opportunity to explore mobility products and solutions to support Derby city in achieving its climate agenda.”

The partnership will focus on a number of projects over the next two to three years, including exploration into how future low-carbon society systems (people collaborating to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions) can operate in Derby, and how the partnership can innovate to achieve a positive recovery for the city’s economy.

The partnership will also build on work already done to further the city’s future fuels agenda.

Last year, the city council announced its strategy to become the UK’s centre of excellence for future fuel technologies; using the city’s world leading advance engineering to revolutionise the way low-carbon energy is used to power businesses, transport and homes.

It will soon publish results of an extensive study into how hydrogen could be rolled out in Derby and across the D2N2 LEP area.


Paul Simpson, the city council’s chief executive, said: “Our ambition is to support thriving economies, build sustainably, and create stronger urban communities.

“Covid-19 has demonstrated what is possible when we work together; creating an environment to deepen and extend our relationships.

“It is vital to our recovery to reach beyond organisational boundaries and across sectors, as well as local and national boundaries, to build partnerships.

“This agreement signals a shared vision for deeper collaboration and creates a strategic partnership built on shared exploration and learning to support thriving economies, build sustainability, and create stronger urban communities.”

Mr Kenworthy said: “Toyota’s ambition is to be a mobility company. We want to be able to propose sustainable mobility products and services to a wide variety of stakeholders with a strong focus on hydrogen and the role that it can play in transforming society.

“Derby City’s goals are very much in line with our own and this partnership agreement reinforces that collaboration going forward.”